Company Background


Clark Irrigation Design & Consulting, Inc. was started in June of 2007. The goal of this company is to make a difference in the use of fresh water resources.

Michael Clark, President, has been in the irrigation industry since 1980 when he went to work for Hradsky Bros, out of Muskegon, Michigan working as an irrigation system installer. After four years he headed up the design build small pumping division consisting of installation and repair, well drilling, pumping system installation, domestic wastewater, and potable water supply installation. In 1992 he went to work for The Brickman Group, Ltd and began an irrigation business within the company. From 1998-2002 Michael managed the design build landscape construction portion of the business. 2000-2002 he managed a landscape management business, Lakewood Landscaping in Benton Harbor, Michigan, with such accounts as the Whirlpool headquarters.

In 2002 Michael left the maintenance and design side of the industry and joined the Hunter Industries team as a Specification Sales Manager for the Southeast. During his four years there he worked with Landscape Architects, Engineers, Irrigation Consultants, Developers, Contractors, and Distributors in a variety of ways.

In 2006 as the need for water conservation has grown Michael left Hunter Industries to pursue a life long goal to be a difference maker in the the use of our fresh water resources. So, he joined Johnson & Associates and rejoined the design side of the irrigation industry. By 2007 he realized going into business for himself, being able to design the most water conservative systems, and educate others on the importance of water conservation became the foreground for his company, Clark Irrigation Design & Consulting, Inc. Sarah Clark joined the team as a designer in January 2008.



How much water will you find in these?


Human Body 66% water

Ear of Corn 80% water

Tomato 95% water

Pineapple 80% water



Only 1% of the earth's water is suitable for drinking.