Articles Promoting Water Conservation in the Landscape


Irrigation by Evapotranspiration-Based Irrigation Controller

How do you Obtain Necessary Funding for an Irrigation Audit Program when Water is in Abundance

Understanding the Varying Viewpoints of the Water Utility Provider and Landscape Contractor

Comparison of Water Application to Turfgrass Utilizing Different Irrigation Equipment

Weather and Soil Moisture based Landscape Irrigation Scheduling Devices

Turfgrass Irrigation Controlled by Soil Moisture Sensor Systems

Urban Rainwater Harvesting for Landscape Irrigation

Evaluation of Evapotranspiration based and Soil based Irrigation Control in Turf

How much water do you think it takes to make everyday items?


1/4 pound of ground beef

  • 1 gallon of water


A new car including tires

  • 39,090 gallons


One barrel of beer

  • 1,500 gallons


To process 1 ton of cane sugar into processed sugar

  • 28,100 gallons


1 pound of wool or cotton

  • 101 gallons